About This Site

Linda Rome, the founder of  Keep Writing, passed away in September of 2001, but the fellowship of writers she helped pull together are maintaining this site, in her honor. Please read our Tribute to Linda for more information. In Linda's words, here is why this site has been created:

There are lots of writing sites out here in cyberspace. Here's what and why you'll find at Keep Writing!

Real people, real voices, real writers.

I'm Linda Rome, the push behind the shove of this site, and I've been a freelance writer, editor, and creative writing teacher for fifteen years now. I was a closet writer for twenty-two years, and at age 36, I finally realized, no one cares if I'm a writer, except me. And I do care.

And so I write.

I don't try to write. I write. Sometimes with more success than other times.

If you visit this website, you'll get to know me and many of the writers I know. This is a place for us to share our work.

It's a courageous act.

A hopeful act.

None of us know if you'll like what we write or not. Or if you'll think it's silly, pretentious, stupid, worthy, intriguing, thought provoking, or helpful.

But part of being a writer is sharing your work.

First, write.

Second, share.

Feedback is good, too. So, if Gary Webster or Gail Koehler, or one of the other writers (even me!) makes you laugh, makes you mad, or makes you think, respond. E-mail is only a click away.

If you don't have time, thanks for reading anyway.


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