Dan Gallik has published his first novel, which can be purchased on line at It is also available at your local Borders book store.

A Story Of Dumb Fate is told in first person. Dan describes the novel like this:

It's about a child with multiple disabilities named Billy, who lives near Cleveland, in the fifties, in a section called Buckeye. Billy has a difficult childhood as he is changed from school to school and is poorly educated by some tough teachers. His parents, George and Ann, are blue-collar folks with their own problems - alcoholism, cheating, and poor jobs. The boy is in the middle of a large family - Georgie, Maisie, and twin brothers Stanley and Casimir (Cazie). The tempered feeling within the family is that the strong shall survive as the weak ones are allowed to dig out from their own problems in their lower class existence. Billy wants you to think that the ending is not a bad one. He thinks that is the way fate is supposed to be.

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