Suggested Reading

Note: Besides the books that are reviewed below, there are a number of other worthwhile books concerning the art of writing that are mentioned on our Writing Prompts page.


The Artist's Way

by Julia Cameron

This book will open up your creative life - whether it's writing, painting, music, or homemaking. If nothing else, try the morning pages and the Artist's Date. Discover the true power of your creativity. This is a do book, not a think book. If you're not ready to do it, your creative harvest will be proportionally smaller.


Deep Writing: 7 Principles that Bring Ideas to Life

by Eric Maisel

The twenty-five frames for understanding responses or criticism of your writing are worth the whole book, but many writers find the chapters on "Honoring the Process" and "Befriending the Work" especially helpful, too.


Wild Mind: Living The Writer's Life

by Natalie Goldberg

Check out her "Rules of Writing Practice" and try out the exercises. Her advice is practical and will help you keep your hand moving and your internal editor in a state of suspended animation.


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